February 1, 2016

3. Our Social Policy

3.1    Our Citizens’ Welfare

  • A Justly Reformed Welfare System – We will supply our Nation with a welfare system that brings necessary benefit to those who need it within our Nation
  • Care for our Elderly Citizens – We will thoroughly reform policies towards the elderly, as it seems only right that those who have served the interests of their people in whatever capacity their whole life should be cared for

3.2    National Health Care

  • Free Health Care – All health care will be provided free of charge to all of our citizens
  • True “Health Care,” not Sickness Maintenance – We believe that the overall paradigm of “health care,” which often amounts to perpetuating sickness, needs to change. To this end, we support proven alternative methods to what has been currently offered and will give support to those who wish to pursue them.


3.3    Free Education for All Citizens

  • All primary and secondary education will be provided free of charge to all citizens
  • Tertiary education will be provided free of charge, with entry based upon recommendation, interview and documented qualifications, with the primary aim being to allow access to training to those who would most bring benefit to our Nation

3.4     Full Employment

Within the current, corrupt economic system, unemployment plays an essential part in its functioning. But we believe that full employment is not only a possibility, but essential to the well-being of our Nation.

  • State-funded Public Works Projects – We will organise State-funded public works projects, which would support the maintenance and renewal of Australia’s infrastructure, as well as foster a community spirit and national unity. This will provide a means by which (in a similar way to our policy of “positive asylum”) those who have been unable to find positive private sector employment can finally be granted a tangible ability to work for the benefit of our community, as well as legitimately work for their own livelihood

3.5     Immigration & Asylum Seekers

  • Asylum Seekers – We will institute our policy of “positive asylum” by which people who seek asylum within our Nation be given the opportunity to serve our nation with labour in exchange for their support and welfare. In this way, rather than being seen as a burden upon our citizens, both parties can mutually benefit. While residing in Australia, on the basis of accepting certain duties and condition, they will acquire the status of “subjects of the State.”
  • Giving Aid to Those Who Seek to Return Home – Many asylum seekers, while grateful to our Nation for its provision, ultimately desire to return to their homelands. We will make a way to help those who desire this.
  • Immigration and Citizenship – For those who seek to immigrate, we will legislate standards by which they can be granted admission as “subjects of the State”, on the basis of their willingness to accept certain duties. Ultimately, the desire would be for such subjects to become full citizens and be free to participate fully in the social and economic life of our Nation. (See also the section on Dual Citizenship in our Political Policy)

For more details, see our page, Asylum Seekers and our Policy of Positive Asylum – Part Two, as well as our page, Positive Borders – Opposing the Dichotomy of Open vs Closed

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