January 31, 2016

2. Our Political Policy

2.1     An Independent Sovereign State

  • At this stage in our social and cultural development as a Nation, Australia must finally assert its independence as a Sovereign State in its own right, and no longer be tied to the British Commonwealth
  • Our Nation ought to have a  Head of State which is a citizen of its own, a fitting representative for our national character.

2.2    Reformation of our Form of Government

  • The Freedom Party of Australia advocates an autocratic form of government (though not by hereditary but based on merit) over any democratic or constitutional system of government in its capacity to serve the people honestly and accountably
  • Our Head of State would be called the Chief Citizen, carrying his executive authority as our Head of State to represent the will of our people and to rule according to the best interests of both its entire citizenship and the environment within which we live
  • To establish such a good government, we will strive to gather conscientious citizens as leaders worthy of the various offices of our emerging National Cabinet

2.3    Regarding the Voice of our People

  • The Government will uphold the freedom of all of its citizens to express any opinion they choose on any issue, and encourage regular feedback and constructive suggestions from citizens regarding their ruling. However, any polls conducted will be for survey only, and will never be interpreted as a vote that imposes obligations on the government.

2.4    Governmental Transparency

  • Our Government will maintain transparency of all income and spending for public consideration
2.5      Redefining Citizenship in Terms of Duty rather than Rights

  • We will redefine citizenship by its duties rather than according to rights. For example, we do not say that anyone has a “right” to protection from violence. Rather we say that a citizen has a duty to never initiate violence upon others, and a duty to positively protect himself and others from initiated violence—using retaliatory force of arms if need be (see Civilian Firearms Ownership below)

2.6     Civilian Firearms Ownership

  • For the purpose of self defense, and for the defense of fellow citizens, all citizens (both male and female) will be required to receive training in firearms
  • Holding Australian citizenship will mean the privilege to live among fellow citizens who would readily place themselves in danger to defend you at any time, in exchange for your readiness to do the same for them. A society of such citizens is a society founded on personal honor, a genuine Australian folk brought together by a common purpose: refusal to accept any initiation of violence on Australian territory

2.7   Mandatory Military & Agricultural Service for our Citizens

  • We will demand from all citizens (excluding special cases based on disability) two years of mandatory service in the armed forces, during which they will not be deployed to foreign lands, waters or airspace
  • In certain cases, citizens may opt for an alternative two years service in our national emergency services
  • We will institute a system by which all citizens will engage in some form of agricultural training and service to the Nation

2.8    Dual Citizenship

  • We oppose dual citizenship, because it flouts the concept of borders by permitting divided loyalty. Ultimately, what we are looking for in immigrants is willingness to commit oneself to our nation. Thus, holding of dual citizenship will not be permissible
  • If people are unwilling to relinquish their former citizenship (or for whatever reason are not eligible to hold Australian citizenship according to its requirements, as per 2.5) they can remain within Australia as “subjects of the State.” Those who hold “subject” status (as opposed to “foreigners”) will be required to participate in certain duties of citizenship without the full ability to participate in the rights of Citizens (participation in plebiscites, ownership of business, etc)
  • If people wish to become citizens of our Nation from elsewhere, they should renounce their former citizenship and pledge loyalty to Australia.

2.9    Secret Societies

  • We will outlaw all secret societies, defined as any group that practices nepotism or favoritism between members and hence subverts national institutions to special interests. Members of secret societies will have their citizenship revoked.

2.10     Our Foreign Relations Policy 

  • We believe that our nation’s foreign relations must be governed first and foremost by the pursuit for international justice and genuine morality, before beginning to consider the pragmatic elements of mere economic benefit or national defense alone
  • For the security and harmony of our region, we will particularly focus on strengthening our ties with nations in our local region, especially Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei

2.11       Future Relations with the Zionist State of Israel

  • We believe that in the cessation of recognition of the statehood of the Zionist State of Israel, in spite of our Government’s historic support of this state
  • We will officially recognise the atrocities being carried out by Israel against inhabitants within their borders
  • We will no longer bow down to internal lobby groups in support of Israel in regard to their influence in the shaping of our national policy; such pandering is the epitome of cowardice, and unbecoming for our nation
  • We will pursue a national policy of BDS against products and services that would support the economic and political sustaining of the state of Israel

2.12     U.S. Bases in Australia and Oceania

  • For the security and harmony of our Nation, and ultimately for all Oceania and Australasia, we demand the complete removal of United States Military bases, personnel and installations from Australia. We also support the efforts of other nations, such as Japan, to remove US bases from their territories
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