January 30, 2016

1. Our Economic Policy

1.1      Bank & Currency Reform

Much has been in the media of late about the four major Australian Banks, and people are calling for bank reform. But we see that the fundamental problem of banking and currency is much deeper. Currently, our Nation’s currency is based on money issued at interest to the Australian Government by a privately owned corporation (ie. the Reserve Bank of Australia). Thus, our Nation is held in debt, just as are most nations in the world to similar private institutions around the world.

  • Establishment of a Nationalised State-run Bank for Reserve & Commercial Banking – We believe that rather than allow a private bank to create our Nation’s currency and loan it at interest for the State’s use (and ultimately for every individual citizen of our nation), a State-run Bank should instead be established. This bank will create interest-free money according to the principle of labour.
  • A complete reconstitution of our Nation’s currency – We see of vital importance to move away from the current debt-based fiat currency. Considering that really the only thing of real value and honour is the creative labour of our people, and actual useful commodities produced by such labour for the good of our people, we propose a new form of currency issued whose value is based on recognition of labour’s essential value
  • Outlawing of all Usury (ie. loans with interest) – With all of the foregoing economic reforms in place, if private institutions or individuals were allowed to make loans on our currency with interest, the whole system would ultimately be hijacked and we would end up in the same debt slavery that we are currently held captive to

For more details, see our “Does Money Have to Be Such a Difficult Thing?” series – Part One (Understanding the Problem), Part Two – Providing the Solution , and Part Three – Abolition of Usury

1.2     National Food Security

Ultimately, when the sustenance of physical life is concerned, even national life, one of the fundamental requirements is food. We believe that Australia has the capacity to increase the quality of its own food production, including actively pursuing more organic and less environmentally hazardous methods.

  • Shutting the door on all future GMO crops
  • Remove Multi-national Corporations (such as Monsanto) who seek to control our food from our Shores
  • Organic Food ProductionWe will shift our national agricultural practices towards being in harmony with our environment, pursuing viable, organic means of food production
  • Stopping Sales of Agricultural Lands to Foreigners – We will stand against the continued sale of our agricultural lands to foreign owners, keeping within our hands the means of food production and sources of fresh water
  • Outlaw Fluoridation of Water SuppliesWe will stand against continued fluoridation of our water supply
  • Outlaw Toxic Food Additives – We will stand against the use of toxic food additives

1.3    National Infrastructure & Services

  • Nationalisation of All Essential Services – Water sanitation, postal delivery, electricity, public transportation, disaster relief, armaments production, both reserve and commercial banking, security and healthcare will be nationalized, being used by the State as a means for issuing the labour-based currency and as a means for creating employment
  • Nationalisation of All National Infrastructure –  Roads, energy plants, government housing, etc., will be held by the National Government
  • Alleviation of All Income and Commercial Taxes – Due to all Government funding coming through the issue of our independent national currency (as explained in our “Does Money Have to Be Such a Difficult Thing?” – Part Two), we will ultimately alleviate all of our citizens from paying income and commercial taxes

1.4     Supporting Local Business and Industry

We will oppose the tide of foreign ownership and investment in our national economy. Ultimately, all benefit of our people’s creative labour should help to build up our national life. We will also allow for business from overseas be established within the bounds of our national economy in exchange for loyalty and citizenship. Such business will only add to the diversity of our national economy, within the context of our local labour currency which holds value exclusively within Australia. Rather than out-sourcing our Nation’s vital interests abroad, it would be better that those with capacities to serve our Nation could be granted citizenship within our Nation.

  • Support of Local Business Initiatives – We will support the growth of local business and interest in their production of products essential to a simpler, clean life in a way that provides positive employment for our citizens
  • Abolition of the TPP and Other Similar Multinational Commercial Agreements – We will stand against the muscle of multinational business interests which seek to crush the viability of local business and industry.



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