January 30, 2016

Our Party Platform

Our Party Platform can be divided into four key areas of revolutionary change:

Economic Policy

The cornerstone of our Party’s Platform is our radical economic reform. We stand for abolishing the current economic domination by international banks and desire to establish a more autonomous national economy in which local business and industry can thrive.

We also call for attention to be given to our local agriculture in the hope of both securing “National Food Security” for the future, as well as ultimately heading towards a moral and ethical approach towards agriculture and animal husbandry.


Political Policy

Our Party calls for a radical departure from constitutional democracy, being firmly convicted that autocratic government by idealist leadership is the best model for genuine justice for all. We also call for radical shift in our concept of citizenship from based upon rights towards duties of citizens towards their fellows.

Our political policy also encapsulates our foreign policy, which entails withdrawing our historic support of the Zionist regime, calling for removal of US bases and personnel from our region, and striving for a greater unity within our greater Oceania region.


Social Policy

Our Party stands for radical reform to our welfare system in a way that will bring ultimate benefit to all citizens in need (such as students, elderly, immigrants, etc). We also call for free education and health care for all our citizens. We also call for steps taken for the full employment of all of our citizens in a way that gives esteem to all as integrated members of our national and local community.

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy takes in our approach to the environment, as well as towards animals generally (ie. hunting, scientific use of animals, live export, etc.)

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