June 29, 2016

Part 3 – Positive Borders – Opposing the Dichotomy of Open vs Closed

Our Context – A Policy of Genuine Economic Protectionism

Within our current economic paradigm, where the worth of our currency is ultimately dictated to us by the international powers-that-be, and the value of our labour is reduced to a commodity to be exchanged freely on a global market, any kind of protection of our national interests merely based upon heavily restricting immigration is futile. Multinational corporations flaunt their power in what is essentially their own “borderless world,” freely seeking for what serves their own selfish interests most efficiently. They are free to outsource work to foreigners, establishing production facilities in places where labour is cheapest (i.e. slavery). Ultimately, there seems to be no real protection against foreign ownership within our private corporate and industrial sectors, as well as ownership of our arable land and water supplies.

However, with the establishment of a locally-based, labour-backed currency, as proposed by our Party, such avenues of international exploitation would be closed. In this sense, our economic borders would be closed. All income generated by the productive labour of our people would remain solely within the borders of our nation for the benefit of the nation. Any necessary trade for products or resources from overseas would be negotiated based on barter of goods produced within our national economy. Thus, even for those who immigrate to Australia who had not yet acquired citizenship, all benefit of their labour would only hold exchange value within our national economy.

Who Will Embrace our Common Folkish Vision?

So for those who may have read my first two articles and misconstrued that I was espousing an “open borders” policy, I hope that you can understand now why my belief in borders does not require that I completely oppose immigration, much less hold any animosity or hatred towards those who would seek to immigrate. Such an accusation, knowingly or unknowingly, is just another Rightist “strawman” to distract from the essential common sense of my position. Instead, the brand of genuine nationalism that I am promoting fosters a strong belief in borders with a positive attitude towards those immigrants who are willing to support our common folkish vision.


Immigrants worked positively for the benefit of our nation in the Snowy Mountains scheme, an example of what we’re talking about – public works projects. What positive benefit can we dream of and find willing labour to help bring about?

One of the essential principles of our philosophy of life is to work towards the integration of individuals into the greater community, which applies both on a local, as well as national, level. We believe that every individual should fulfil the role within society which is most suited to their character, talents and abilities, and thus we aim to foster Australia’s development into the kind of society where everybody can make the best use of their talents and abilities.

We value personal character above all, irrespective of conventional barriers such as gender, cultural or socioeconomic heritage. It is for this reason that we stand for free education as a means for the raising up of our future national leaders and contributors in every field of endeavour for the good of all. Just because somebody may not have been born in Australia does not mean that they cannot freely choose to embrace this vision and contribute what talents and abilities that they have been endowed with for Australia’s benefit. It is for this reason that we believe in positive borders which protect what we are seeking to establish, while allowing for those with similar hearts to join us in our efforts for building a better society and a brighter future.


Not just willing workers, but neighbours. Immigration must hold to a long-term nation-building vision

We must work to imbue both our citizens (and those who would seek to acquire citizenship) with a feeling of pride of having the opportunity to dwell in a country where they will not find their bed nicely made for them, but will be compelled rather to labour together to create something truly magnificent. Nobody should have to contribute their labour to a country whose institutions they disagree with – for to do so amounts to slavery. Thus, we allow those who desire to contribute to come, and those who do not desire to contribute are free to leave.

Every person should live somewhere where they feel that they can contribute with optimal enthusiasm. A borderless world would deny people such choice. Borders that prohibit movement across them would also deny such choice. Choice requires both the existence of options and access to such options. Globalists want to remove the options; identitarians (who represent the controlled opposition of globalists anyway) want to remove access; both obstruct the formation of truly unified states, and both are in fact accomplices to exploitation.

Immigration and Citizenship

All immigrants acquire residency only on the basis of accepting certain basic duties as “subjects of the State.” They will be expected to earn their keep by willingly doing any labour which is assigned to them by the State (i.e. employment in public works projects) until such time as they find private sector employment; by all means we assure that their public service will still net them a regular income worthy of living comfortably off of. There will be no idlers who depend on welfare for their living expenses. Vocational training will be made freely available, as well as general education in English where necessary, thus equipping them for contributing to our national productivity, and ultimately enabling them to acquire Australian citizenship, if they so desire.

An illustration picture shows Australian passport and Israeli passport on February 13, 2013. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** ãøëåï àåñèøìé éùøàìé ãøëåðéí

Dual Citizenship begs the question, “Who are you loyal to?”

On the subject of citizenship, we do not support dual citizenship. Thus, those who desire to acquire Australian citizenship must be willing to relinquish whatever former citizenship they hold. Of course, immigrants can remain as subjects of the State, and hold their former citizenship if they so desire, but will be unable to participate in the full capacities that will be available only to our citizens. For those asylum seekers who desire to ultimately return to their homelands, aid will be given.