January 12, 2016

Our Essential Principles & Philosophy

In time this page will provide a growing list of links to foundational aspects of our vision for Australia.

Here are some of our key policy areas:

  • Banking and Currency Reform

An area which is of vital importance to our national future, and ultimately for the whole world, is deliverance from our current monetary system of debt-based fiat currency. In three parts, I explain the fundamental problem, a proposed soltution based on the value of creative labour, and then a final section explaining the insidious nature of money lent on interest (i.e. usury).

Understanding the Problem

Providing the Solution

Abolition of Usury

  • Immigration, Asylum Seekers & Citizenship

Another area of vital importance to the establishment of genuine social justice, both for our people, and for those in genuine need, is a revitalised approach to immigration, asylum seekers and refugees. We outline our policy of “positive asylum,” with its underlying principle of empathy, which carries over into all elements of our welfare system. We also look at the issue in context with our current economic paradigm and how shifting our economics can actually enhance our ability and freedom to aid those in need.

What Would You Want Australia to Do for Asylum Seekers If You Were One?
Asylum Seekers and our Policy of Positive Asylum
Positive Borders – Opposing the Dichotomy of Open vs Closed

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