December 24, 2015

Our Call to Arms

Our Essential Principles and Philosophy

  • To solidify our National Economy based on Creative Labour

The Freedom Party of Australia (the FPA) is committed to a radical reformation of our current, corrupted monetary system, freeing our Nation from bondage to interest debt-slavery and foreign ownership. We believe that the right of ownership of, and investment in, our National Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial enterprises should be held solely in the hands of loyal citizens of our Nation. We stand for Agriculture being given recognition for its rightful place as the foundation of our Nation’s economy. We believe that total employment is possible, and will strive to enable this to become a reality.

  • To stand defiantly for Truth and Justice

We are committed to expose lies that are being espoused as truth. We support independent research into truth – scientific discovery, medical, etc. for the benefit of our Nation and for humanity as a whole. Enough is enough when it comes to policy that causes greater harm and ill-health to our people. We believe that the only way for true Justice to be established for the benefit of all is by being open-minded to find the Truth in all things, and to implement policies in accord with the Truths that we have discovered.

  • To institute measures that will bring an end to violence against our Environment

Our Party is committed to see that our National Environmental Policies will be conscientiously written, based on a clear understanding of the impact that humanity is having on our Planet. We will not allow selfish business interests to keep what measures are required to stem our impact on the Natural environment. We wish to steer the cultural direction of our Nation through policy and education away from self-indulgence and consumerism into a more empathetic outlook towards the Environment.

  • To inspire the Recognition and Development of Individual Personality and Gifting

Talents, abilities and personalities were endowed upon every individual, and these talents must be fostered for the benefit of our Nation. For the benefit of our Nation, we seek to facilitate the best use of individual talent for the greater good. We wish to establish within our Nation channels by which future leaders and contributors in all fields of benefit to our Nation can be raised up, irrespective of conventional barriers (such as gender, cultural or socioeconomic heritage, etc.)

  • To facilitate the Integration of Individual into Community

We are committed to support the establishment of a whole new mentality of unity and fellowship between all Australians, irrespective of our past. We believe that for the health of this Nation, a vibrant and fresh, genuinely nationalistic perspective of what it means to be Australian must be asserted in every way. We especially will give support to creative pursuits and the Arts in expressing this.

  • To take radical steps in our Nation’s Foreign Policy to support what is Just and Right

We call for an absolute cessation of Australia’s recognition of Israel, taking our stand together with our other Oceanic neighbours (ie. Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei) as well as other Nations of the World who are beginning to see through the gross atrocities being committed by Israel against Occupied Palestine. Once we have committed ourselves to this path, we will persuade others to cease recognition of the State of Israel. We also call for immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all US troops and military bases from our territory, and ultimately from all of Oceania.

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