No More Support for the Illegal Racist State of Israel

As the day approaches for the 68th Anniversary of the Establishment of the State of Israel, I wish to give a short report on my views about the future of Australian relations with the State of Israel. Australia has been described as the midwife for the birth of the Jewish State of Israel, and it all began when the Australian Foreign Minister was appointed as President of the United Nations Assembly after World War II, a position that he would hold during 1948-1949. Evatt has gone down in history for his remark: “I regard the establishment of Israel as a great victory of the United Nations.” Evatt eventually became deeply sympathetic to the Zionist vision, and he used his position as leading figure in the United Nations to actively pursue the Israel’s establishment. Our national history since then has been a sad tale of politicians under Zion’s thumb, giving uncritical support for Israel’s actions.


Zionists manipulated our Australian Foreign Minister to give hearty approval to the establishment of Jewish State, giving land to the Zionist that didn’t belong to those who handed it over

My response to our Government’s historic support of the Zionist State of Israel (note that I saw Government and not our Nation) is to call for an unconditional cessation of the recognition of Israel as a State, and for full recognition of the legitimacy of the State of Palestine. I see this as essential to our pursuit of justice and genuine morality in our foreign policy. Recognition of the atrocities being carried out by Israel against Palestine is becoming more and more widespread, and to continue to support what essentially amounts to genocide is not right. To continue to bow down to internal lobby groups in support of Israel when it comes to shaping our national policy is the epitome of cowardice. Ultimately, I believe that a national policy of BDS against products and services that would support the economic and political sustaining of the state of Israel is of vital importance for global peace.

In your service,

Steven Pidgeon (Leader of the Freedom Party of Australia)

P.S. The grievous past has only continued as Israel has shown itself to be the war criminal state that they are.

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1 thought on “No More Support for the Illegal Racist State of Israel

  • Great website, Steven! Zionism is humanity’s greatest threat. Anyone that stands with Zionism is being self-serving and not taking into consideration the well being of humanity. I’m not even sure they know what they are doing as destroying the world makes no sense. Let’s hope humanity prevails in our greatest struggle.

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