No More Manipulation and Lies

No matter what facet of our current society and paradigm that we look into, it seems that every aspect has been hacked, hi-jacked and messed with in such a way as to bring the greatest benefit to the current neoliberal world order, and to continue the enslavement of our individual lives for the service of this order. Everywhere you look, we are being continually fed lies and deception. While the traditional order is crashing down, conservatives call for greater measures of control, feeding fear that no matter what could emerge in its place, nothing could be better or even just as good as “the good old days.”

The majority live their lives ill-informed. Having been raised under a system of mass indoctrination (ie. our current education system), most lack the critical thinking ability to be able to sift through the mass of “information” that is available at our finger tips. Manipulated by the media, we stand divided from one another, whether on the basis of socioeconomic class, race, gender, religion. We are feverishly fighting against each other over small and irrelevant topics (let alone, being reduced to struggling to our own survival in a world ruled by predators) while our planet is being destroyed.

Even if she backed down, what she said is out there

Even if she backed down, what she said is out there

Our governments, zombified for the service of international monetary and business interests, deny our current environmental crisis (or even if they give any credence to its existence, don’t seem to think that its worth doing anything about). What has been dubbed “science” (a word whose root means “knowledge”) has become merely another dogmatic religion, just as manipulated by the powers that be as any other organized religion. We live within an economic system that very few really understand, and those who do understand it, seem blind to the absolute immorality of a system that empowers the greedy, and subjugates the modest and generous. War profiteers are on a high, raking in the dollars, while pumping images of horror, that only serve mostly to desensitize us to the reality of the suffering and carnage that many individuals on our planet are enduring (let alone, all of the innocent animals that are suffering to feed our taste buds and supposedly bring benefit to our scientific knowledge).

Fighting for the Neoliberal World Order

It is for this reason, that all aware individuals to the degree that they are enlightened need to work together at this crucial time in our planet’s history. The Freedom Party of Australia is here to stand defiantly for the truth, and we will not sell out. At the end of the day, all of their imaginary money will mean nothing when we have destroyed what means we may have to produce healthful food for ourselves. What else is it that they have to offer us? Security and protection? For what? So we can continue in slavery?

We (the FPA) are committed to exposing lies that are being espoused as truth. The only way to bring this about is to give support to independent research into truth in every arena – scientific discovery, medical, etc. for the benefit of our Nation and for humanity as a whole. Enough is enough when it comes to policy that causes greater harm and ill-health to our people. We believe that the only way for true Justice to be established for the benefit of all is by being open-minded to find the Truth in all things, and to implement policies in accord with the Truths that we have discovered.

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