Neoliberalism – Destruction of our Nation

For anybody with eyes to see and ears to hear (provided that they’re not being “educated” by the privately-financed mainstream media drip-feeders), it is obvious that our current government (irrespective of which major political party holds power) has sold out and has been zombified by the globalist, neoliberal neurotoxin (see the Parable of the Zombie Ant for the analogy). Efforts towards national degradation began in the late 80s (even under Labor administration, supposedly in favour of the Australian worker) with import protections being weakened, and continued with the privatisation of public assets such as the Commonwealth Bank in the early 90s. Various economic and political agreements were put in place during the Howard era, which firmly cemented our national participation in the United States imperialist agenda and “war on terror,” and in spite of our government subsequently changing hands back to Labor, nothing was done to halt our continued development into the vassal state of the neoliberal New World Order that we have become.

As a case in point, consider our current unemployment crisis. There are ways and means for the State to completely rectify this situation, as examples in past history prove. If all essential services and basic national infrastructure were still in the hands of the State, then employment could be provided for those in need in a way which would revitalise our national economy. Securing the power for the State to generate its own interest-free currency (as opposed to our current debt-based fiat system, where money is lent to the State by privately-owned corporate institutions with interest), the State would then be free to pay their citizens who worked in the public sector with this currency instead. State-funded labour projects and state-run institutions and services could provide employment for our people, as has been done in the past, such as during the Depression or in ventures such as the establishment of the Snowy Mountains Scheme.

But instead, our current economic system is firmly held in the hands of the banks, and many live dependent upon a system of welfare that is essentially dysfunctional. Private job-seeking institutions (funded by the state) proliferate, but instead of really helping people find work instead merely provide secure employment to their agents. But even this has become quite desperate, as our current government has cut back what state funding was being provided for the running of these services. Thus, even these services are barely able to provide any kind of useful service to those in genuine need.

If our current government really cared for the welfare of its citizens, it would do all in its power to provide security and employment for them. It should be in their power to do so, but privatisation has left the State hamstrung, and even potential employers are left with considering within the current economic climate whether employing somebody is worth their while. (See, it is not that employers are bad – “corrupt capitalists” as the picture is painted by communist thinking, as if it is the only way to think as an anti-capitalist – but in reality both employers and employees are just trapped within a materialistic system in which fear for one’s own survival blinds one to the potential creative benefit to all if only we could be free from imaginary debt.) The current economic paradigm of materialistic pragmatism suppresses genuine empathy, and as long as people don’t wake up and realise that this paradigm is completely fraudulent and that in reality their money is valueless, having no basis upon genuine creative output, international power-brokers can maintain their control.

Privatisation, while being sold with promise of economic growth, has instead been consistently shown to increase prices for consumers, providing a substandard product, cut health and safety, and create obscene wealth for the board members and CEOs who work for these private companies. Globalisation leads to huge loss of local jobs. The secret negotiations with regards to the Trans Pacific Partnership are frightening, proving once and for all the insidious power that corporate interests hold over our government. It doesn’t matter who is elected from what Party, but seemingly, business goes on as usual towards our national demise. Clauses within the TPP empower corporations to even sue national governments for damages if their profits are in anyway threatened by whatever measures to protect their citizens that may be attempted.

The Freedom Party of Australia stands for exposing the corruption at work in our midst that has brought our nation and our citizens into eternal bondage to the international monetary and business powers that be. Our national sovereignty is under threat, being dominated by various lobbying groups that have shaped both our economic and social policies, as well as our foreign policy in support of war-profiteering and securing resources to maintain global control. The truth must be championed and a voice of reason lifted up in opposition to corporately owned media who only reports what is to the advantage of morally bankrupt globalists. Awakening to the reality of what is going on, establishing a radical new economic and political paradigm is the only way out of slavery into true freedom.

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