Marks of True Leadership

Now I could imagine that for many people, reading the following statement in my Political Policy: “The Freedom Party of Australia advocates an autocratic form of government (though not by hereditary but based on merit) over any democratic or constitutional system of government in its capacity to serve the people honestly and accountably,” could easily lead to confusion. It could easily be misconstrued that I am standing for some kind of tyrannical rule of a heartless dictator. But actually it is the furthest thing from that.

True Leaders vs Mere Bureaucratic Administrator

The kind of government that I envision first requires a visionary leader (in our case I propose that he be called the Chief Citizen), one who can guide the state and thus the destiny of that realm over which he has power. I use the word “guide” because there is a big difference between true leadership and mere bureaucratic administration. True leaders are not caught up in the mundane managerial notion of libertarian governance. Such a leader is not required to personally formulate every policy, or even to bother himself with their implementation and micromanaging.

Men of small minds end up being caught up in their own ego, and are unable to hear the voice of wisdom when it speaks through those whom they lead

Essentially, the principle of micromanagement in the context of autocratic government is what leads to tyranny. Such are men of small minds who end up lacking the confidence in their own vision to guide them in giving a voice to those they lead and having the confidence to assign those most fitted to the task to carry out various responsibilities within their realm. They are afraid of those with gifting and ability. On the other hand, a true leader can clearly see that there are those amongst his followers who hold greater knowledge and expertise in these areas. Genuine authority exercised in such a way wins the loyalty of his followers and ultimately of the people who he rules over. It also empowers a true leader to be able to trust those whom he leads.

It is for this reason, that as you read my Party Platform, it must be remembered that I am painting a grand picture with broad brushstrokes. I see politics as true artistry (not bull artistry). If I were to be Chief Citizen of Australia, I would see my role as being the fountainhead from which the ultimate vision of a New Australia would flow. And thus it would require those who have a heart and will to embrace this vision to be looked to, according to their personal resources and expertise, to help flesh out this vision, helping to bring it into full manifestation. As I have stated before, I see the best government one in which the principle of absolute authority is coupled with the principle of absolute responsibility.

Although it may be difficult at first to see the vision, there is a reason for every individual element of my Platform, and they all fit together as a synergistic unit to form the infrastructure of a new paradigm for our Nation. Monetary reform flows into public works projects, which in turn flows into true welfare for our people and the capacity for our nation to welcome those who seek asylum. All the elements must be seen as an organic whole. Beyond this, for this vision to be ultimately fulfilled will require the willingness of our people to embrace it, the willingness of those who follow me to be able to interpret my desires, in such as way as to be able to innovating and administer the practicalities of their implementation.

A True Leader is more like a spiritual guide – like Christ or Gandhi, and not a mere mundane politician who gets good at writing speeches and making a comfortable living off of parliamentary attendance

Thus, the pitfall of micromanaging can be avoided, and instead our Chief Citizen can devote himself to the role of a leader – which in its essence is the formulation, development and communication of a vision for the rest to follow. Thus, those with knowledge, initiative, creativity and expertise can all be put to the best use for the good of the whole nation. All tasks of implementation will be delegated downwards, ultimately fostering “grassroots activism” by which our vision can be rapidly and properly communicated from the top downwards, ultimately becoming culturally and socially ingrained.

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