Exposing the Cancerous TPP for What It Is – An Introduction

Western Capitalism is increasingly being exposed for its globalist orientation, essentially being a system by which the international bankers can keep everybody hood-winked to what is of true value, keeping people convinced that the worthless, debt-based currency that they issue by creating it out of thin air (and loaning it to our government with interest) is the only means of trade. They control the international market, telling people whose national currency is of greater value than others, maintaining a pecking order that works for the ultimate exploitation of both “oppressed” and “oppressor” nations. This cabal is quite literally above the law of even the most powerful nation.

That our current “government” (read “corporate puppets”) stands to sign and ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (otherwise known as the TPP) seems inevitable to me, as a final and clear manifestation of the grave tendency which has been insidiously at work in our midst to protect and serve the interests of international corporations and monetary institutions over and above the common interest of our people, let alone the good of the environment that we all share. The foundation upon which our modern, globalist economy is built – empowered greed and the liberty to pursue selfish interests – has motivated the relocation of production offshore to countries where there are lower wages and weaker environmental standards, thus increasing unemployment among our citizens and ultimately setting our course towards the destruction of our home.


Knowingly or not, our current government is essentially signing away our national sovereignty to the international money powers. This isn’t just some crackpot conspiracy theory – this is reality

One of the most tell-tale signs of the underhanded nature of the TPP has been the secretive nature of negotiations over the past few years. From drafts of the text that have been leaked, we know that its contents are definitely a legitimate cause for concern. We believe the for any government to sincerely be making its decisions for the interests of its people, absolute transparency of its dealings must be maintained for its citizens to remain confident that they are acting in their best interests, and in accord with what is just and right.

While the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (otherwise known as the TPP) is being peddled as if it were merely a “trade agreement,” and hence holding great promise for economic growth, job creation, social well-being and general happiness, in reality, when this agreement is signed and ratified, all of our national business activities (both in the public and private sector) will be organised under one gigantic umbrella of new rules, thus having a drastic effect, not merely in the economic realm, but it will bring far-reaching effects socially, politically, and even environmentally.

What are We Going to Do About It?

May day march promo photo 2016

Ultimately it will take more than a March to Stop the Force at Work to Destroy our Nation – but still as a sign of solidarity, I see it as worthy

As the Leader of the Freedom Party of Australia (and, more importantly, as your fellow Australian citizen), I, Steven Pidgeon, stand in solidarity with the interests of the Australian people in declaring that the forces behind the TPP are to be opposed completely and vehemently. The signing of this Agreement will be the greatest injustice perpetuated against any nation since the Treaty of Versailles. (At least back then, the signatories were their enemies, but this time it is our own “elected representatives”!) If I were to hold power in this nation, I would have no qualms about breaking every term of it (one by one) in favour of our people’s interests. For now, as a resident of the Sydney region, I will be attending the March against the TPP on May 1st, beginning in Belmore Park at 11am, and I hope that all who support our national good will make a point of participating. I’ll see you there.


In your service,

Steven Pidgeon

Leader of the Freedom Party of Australia

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