July 4, 2016

Modified Minutes Between Steven Pidgeon & Andrew Illingworth (Race, Ethnicity & Culture)

Night of Sunday 3rd of July 2016 (Between 10pm and Midnight)

Andrew: I’ve always disagreed with the idea of a theocracy … http://english.khamenei.ir/news/2137/Preventing-girls-from-education-is-against-Islam-Ayatollah-Khamenei  … But clearly Shia Islam under Iranian culture values is not the barbaric women-oppressing cult it is made out to be.

Steven: Shia Islam in particular seems quite enlightened …

Andrew: Again, Iranian culture values. And still we [the West] give weapons to the Saudis.[1]

S: Shia is influenced by Iranian values?

A: In the contemporary sense, yes. But in Iran in particular. Of course, Iranians are Iranian.

S: Iranian culture has an Aryan root to it?

A: Yes and no. Aryans in Iran were southern agriculturalists who lived there thousands of years before the Indo-Iranian invasion.[2] After the invasion [from the northeast] by Indo-Iranian horse-riders (linked to the Indo-Europeans), the proper racial Aryans [of the south] absorbed into Indo-Iranian society. The Aryan dialect (whatever it was) disappeared, replaced by some proto-Farsi dialect. Although often referred to as Aryans, the Indo-Europeans were not Aryans in the perspective AS understands it.[3] Because they were nomadic pastoralists, not settled agriculturalists. Nonetheless, they absorbed the culture of the southern agriculturalists. So, again, yes and no.

S: Right … the Aryans vs the Turanians,[4] right?

A: Well, not Turanians in the Jewish sense.[5]

S: Right… But people of the [Eurasian] [S]teppe … of whom one group became Jews?

A: The Indo-Europeans fought wars openly, not through manipulation. Indo-European[s] also had no issues with absorbing other peoples. In fact, they united them. Gentiles and Aryans.[6] Most Indo-European cultures also preferred to consume dairy over eating meat.

S: Right… like the Vedics.

A: And many settled down [took up agriculture] after encountering Aryan societies. Most of the actual war they fought seemed to have been against Gentile [primitive hunter-gatherer] tribes throughout ancient Western Europe. They pushed them to the coasts. LOL, an ancient geo-strategic containment policy.

S: So Indo-Europeans were Gentiles, but not hunters so much? [M]ore herders?

A: Hmm, somewhere between Aryan and herder. In my opinion.

S: Interesting

A: They did originally establish a caste system in their favour, but still paid tribute to Aryan allies under their domain, which can be found in Vedic and other IE[-derived] cultures.[7]

S: So they were not fully tribalist yet? Maybe like proto-tribalists? [T]his instinct towards tribalism was not yet fully developed?

A: Well, they absorbed peoples as opposed to exterminating them. So no, I say they were not tribalists at all. Don’t take everything AS says as absolute fact (as I once did). My image of the IEs is that they were likeable badasses.[8]

S: Tribalists exterminate as opposed to assimilate?

A: Of course, exterminate or displace. The Gentiles they [the Indo-Europeans] fought (not all) were ones that likely disagreed with the IE presence as it made its way west. Well yeah, the Nordic-type in Europe is undoubtedly an ancient blend between IE invaders and Aryan farmers. Farmers that moved up the Danube.[9]

The truth is … The actual ‘Aryan appearance’ found in Europe and the Middle East admired by AS is mostly derived from an Indo-European [i.e. non-Aryan] root. The physical characteristics [that is]. In the case of both Europe and Iran, the IEs seem to have heavily interbred with the much physically smaller Aryan farmers. Original [racial and cultural] Aryans were tiny people.

S: So the long-limbed features are probably the IE features?

A: Yes, precisely that. So glad you know what I am talking about. However, the original IEs, despite having long limbs and a vertical [ectomorphic] build, were still borderline Cro-Magnon in bone thi[c]kness.[10]

S: Whereas the [Aryan] farmers had the lighter bone structure?

A: That is correct. Aryans had much lighter bones. There are a number of professional and highly regarded anthropologists [that] came to the following conclusion … That IE blends with Aryan farmers resulted in a ‘stablised’ hybrid race [i.e. ‘new’ Aryan] which maintained the overall outwards physical appearance of the Indo-European type. But their bones were significantly ‘gracialised’. No doubt they absorbed Aryan blood memory too (though observing bones from 4,000 years ago cannot prove that).[11] IE society, even in its original form, was considerably non-gendered. Women fought with men and had rights to property like men. Though not entirely like the Aryans, the Aryans which IEs did eventually encounter and interbreed with, were likely more culturally appealing to them than many of the Gentiles they encountered.

S: So in a way, by Aryans mixing, it wasn’t that they were destroyed, but actually if they hadn’t mixed they would have been destroyed… Maybe even by mixing they actually maintained some original Aryan features, but also gained new features which actually only enhanced their Aryan-ness, so to speak?

A: Yes, there can be no [correction: little] doubt that the idolised ‘Nordic-type’ in Europe is a result of IE-Aryan crossbreeding.

S: Right…

A: As a matter of fact, the specific location of contact between IEs and Aryans in Europe – that is, the zone where the Nordic-type was born about 4,000 years ago – can be deduced to an ancient cultural region in southern Germany/ Austria, known as ‘Hallstatt’. Here both pure IE and pure Aryan bones can be found. BUT Also an intermediate skeletal type. And there you have it … East Asia is different. The Aryans there [prehistoric Sino farmers, most likely not connected to the cultures in the Near East and Europe] are [physically] small anyway and are undoubtedly unadulterated farmer types [pure, or old-age, Aryans]. Africa is a whole different thing too.

S: Comparatively to the European? Even the Yayoi are quite small compared to the IE/Aryan mix in Europe?

A: [Y]es.

S: It is all very interesting… I found the whole Aryan diffusion series pretty fascinating…[12]

A: In Iran, it is hard to find a proper stabilised blend like you find in Europe, you either find unmixed IE types (tall, light-skinned) or unmixed Aryan types (small, but thin-boned, often dark skinned). I’m sure intermediates exist. But not in the stabilised ‘race-in-its-own-right’ fashion you see in Europe. Do you understand what I mean?

S: I think so…. By a group of people mixing in a consistent way over a period of time, a “race” is created

A: Yeah, that’s it. Europe has always been jam-packed with migrants living next to each other, lol. [E]specially back then [and despite the claims of White Nationalists].

S: It is interesting how Hitler talked about Germany actually having a few different races dwelling together, with quite distinct characteristics…

A: Yeah, even he knew the German people were not a single racial unit. German, Germanic, Nordic and Aryan where not interchangeable terms in his terminology. That, there can be no doubt. In fact. Aside from IE pastoralists and Aryan farmers, Iran has tons of [hunter-gatherer] Pal[a]eolithic and [herder/ pastoralist] Mesolithic races that crossed through, like Germany.

Iran is the centre of the Middle East, like Germany is for Europe. Everyone has passed through, fucked and built a house … so to say, lol.

S: “Unfortunately the German national being is not based on a uniform racial type. The process of welding the original elements together has not gone so far as to warrant us in saying that a new race has emerged”.

A: I believe that Hitler was of an opinion that the Indo-Germanic peoples (the Germanic branch of the IEs) were farmers, which by the time they reached the Rhine in their mixed form [as the IE-Aryan hybrid ‘new’ Aryan Nordic-type], probably were. He [Hitler] wasn’t far off.

S: He just didn’t yet have knowledge of the pre-history, right? [B]ut this was what he actually said, [that] one day we should be devoted to understand [the origins of races].

A: Reading between the lines … I think his beef with the Slavs on a racial level was that they were un-settled Aryan types, hence why he believed in Germanizing (culturally) them.

S: [B]ecause blood wise they [Slavs of the Indo-European type] had Aryan potential, but they just weren’t living the lifestyle?

A: Yeah. “Amorphous masses of the Steppe” in his words.

S: He did at one point even talk about the difference between the Mediterranean [A]ryan vs northern [A]ryan, how the climate and geography may have kept Germanic [A]ryans from achieving the same level of culture and settlement as [Mediterranean Aryans] (Hellenic and Roman [E]mpire…).

A: He believe[d] ancient Med[iterranean] peoples to be culturally and racially superior to ancient Germans.

S: [B]ut he said that if the Germanic [A]ryans had the same conditions they would have been the same, as opposed to other races who even with the same conditions would not have achieved the same cultural level.

A: If had Germany had won, most SS men would probably have been allowed to marry a second woman in the form of an Aryan-looking Slavic lady.[13] That was Himmler’s initiative at least. [Hitler] also praised Indo-Germanic peoples for clearing the Rhine of hunter[-gatherer] “aboriginals”.[14]  “Chased them out of the bush”. Something to that effect.

S: “A civilization is fighting for its existence. It is a civilization that is the product of thousands of years of historical development, and the Greek as well as the German forms part of it”.

A: Hitler was not PC [Politically Correct], but I doubt his intentions towards those he considered collectively culturally inferior were sinister. I believe Hitler planned to create social conditions within the projected German Reich that would bring out the finest in those with Aryan cultural qualities, whilst the anti-social Gentile types could just learn to put up with it.

S: Put up with [it], until slowly they would drop off [through state-imposed selective breeding], so to speak, by creating conditions that favoured Aryan characteristics?

A: [Y]eah, physically and mentally. This is the most humane way. Germany’s racial project would have been drawn-out over centuries.

S: That’s probably why he said that the work he had started would take centuries to complete …

A: Bingo!

S: Ah, I was typing as you were 😉

A: Haha, talk about convergence. LOL, [s]o we both come to the same conclusion.

S: I’m definitely getting on the same page with you, which is encouraging.

A: So with all this in mind … I think Hitler was pretty exceptional for a European leader of the time. As I have since the age of 12.[15] Hence RACIALISM and not RACISM. Go ahead and turn this into a transcript. AS would probably be fuming at the IE part.

S: LOL, [b]ecause it makes the three archetypes a bit muddy… not so clear?

A: “Muddy” is perhaps the best way to describe the IEs.

S: LOL, WNs [White Nationalists] would love that.[16]

A: I do believe in the Aryan-Gentile-Turanian [trichotomy] concept but I also believe in prehistoric exceptions to that rule.

[1] The government of Saudi Arabia is one of the worst human rights violators, particularly with regards to the treatment of women. Despite this, the West continues to supply the Saudi regime with the most modern war technologies and financial aid.

[2] Despite the fact that the late-Neolithic Indo-Europeans (who were nomadic pastoralists) claimed themselves to be Aryan, early-Neolithic farmers (from all over the world) were the original bearers of the Swastika symbol (thousands of years prior to IE peoples claiming it) and are thus considered by this particular think-tank to be the original Aryan race, regardless of whether these ancient farmers actually claimed to be Aryan or not.

[3] ‘AS’ is an extremely influential individual who has inspired the founders of this think-tank and its philosophies.

[4] ‘Turanians’ denotes Mesolithic-originating nomadic races that took up herding and pastoralism. Physical appearances aside, Turanian mental genetic traits are considered by this think-tank to be associated with manipulation, impulsive lying disorders and cunning.

[5] Whilst Judaism is seen as a religion, this think-tank considers the religion to be founded Turanian-derived racial doctrines that encourages emotional indifference towards the sufferings of perceived out-groups and belief in a specifically tribal god (as opposed to a universal one) that exempts Jews from moral accountability for the mistreatment of non-Jews (i.e. murder, lying, stealing, etc …). Reading the Talmud and Torah reveals this reality.

[6] ‘Gentiles’ denotes the Palaeolithic-era hunter-gatherer racial architype. Physical appearance was almost always typified by heavy-framed bodies and broad faces. Mental characteristics are considered to be overt aggression in the face of any kind of perceived opposition, great competitiveness and a desire to dominate. There are many contemporary psychological case studies that confirm a greater tendency in broad-faced people (male and female) to have these traits.

[7] Despite being pastoralist-based, most established IE cultures and religions considered farmers to be of a respectable caste, despite the fact they remained subordinate to the ruling IE aristocracy.

[8] US English spelling on purpose.

[9] This is a specific reference to a ‘new’ Aryan race that appears to have developed in central Europe during the very late-Neolithic/ early-Iron Age; a blend between IE westward-driving invaders from the Eurasian Steppe and settled Aryan farmers from the Danube region.

[10] Cro-Magnon is a historical anthropological reference to European hunter-gatherer racial types. Interchangeable with ‘European Gentiles’ in our terminology.

[11] ‘Aryan blood memory’ is a reference to mental genetic traits believed to be unique to Aryan peoples. Considered to be centred on tendencies towards universal compassion, egalitarianism and unconditional honestly. Believed by this think-tank to be the result of a settled, non-exploitive agrarian-based lifestyle.

[12] Aryan Diffusion Series (http://aryanism.net/culture/). Note: Reference to this website is made on an informational basis with no converging agenda in mind. The agendas and views of the Australian Freedom Party and those of Aryanism.net are not necessarily coinciding.

[13] This comment reflects emotionally indifferent historical speculation.

[14] Hitler’s open criticism of Palaeolithic peoples (even ‘white’ Europeans of this type) dismisses typical historical claims that his racial agenda was pigmentation-orientated. Proper analysis of the National Socialist race agenda reveals that considerations of ancient people’s lifestyles, cultural values and physical morphology were all factored into race-distinguishing calculations.

[15] ‘Exceptional’ does not indicate admiration or favour for Hitler.

[16] As with all pro-segregationist groups (gender, race, ethnicity or class related), White Nationalists hate facts that contradict their bigoted worldviews.