Census Crisis

I see people talking about how in the Australian census, people who identified as Muslims has increased from 2.2% to 2.6%, and people are concerned because more people are identifying as no Religion. But what is the right thing to do? Should Australians say they are Christian on a census, because they are worried that if we are all non-religious officially, but the Muslims are growing in their percentage, that somehow that means our Government is going to favour them in their decisions or something?

On the other hand, I hear people saying they don’t want to be two-faced. If they don’t believe something, then why would they want to go ahead and say they were something they are not? I honestly wonder what actually this whole thing is about… I mean, its nice when you look up countries in your geography class at school and there’s this demographic breakdown of religions. But what does that actually mean for the policy making politically in this country?

Isn’t that supposedly what democracy is about? That we’d elect people into parliament who would express our view on our behalf – you know, as our representatives and all? Is there some reason why if our country is Christian or Muslim or non-religious or whatever, that the people we vote in can just end up representing that? Or is it somehow because we’ve become SO secularised that the only way people can decide what’s best for our nation is to rely on numbers on a census, and people’s own personal views (which I’m assuming are actually what needs to be expressed, because we are not meant to be voting robots into parliament to represent us, but living breathing people with hearts….)?

Is this whole thing just showing the absolute disconnect that our current paradigm politically is causing? Are people actually free to express themselves (in the understanding that they personally are meant to be representing “their people”) or are they just all stifled and stuffed up with political correctness and having to toe the party line and all that guff? What is our problem?

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