Are the Innocent Guilty Until Proven Otherwise? – Part Two

Yesterday I wrote straight from my heart about the maiden speech of Pauline Hanson, but I left out something that is of vital importance for our people to understand about the current situation. It is a very grievous matter what I read the other day of what is happening in Europe. There is a great Read more about Are the Innocent Guilty Until Proven Otherwise? – Part Two[…]

Parable of the Zombie Ant

Now as many wise men of old taught deep things in parables, I wanted to draw your attention to a particularly horrific part of nature. Deep in the dark jungles, there is a fungi whose bright, golden spores lay dormant on the forest floor, waiting for an unsuspecting ants to pick it up and consume it. Now that spore starts to reproduce inside of its “host,” the ant. Somehow, the spore almost has a vile intelligence about it, for without the unwitting host, its own life cycle could not be complete. But as the fungi begins to grow and spread within the ant, it begins to release a neurotoxin that begins to affect the brain of the ant.

Insidious Fungus at Work

Insidious Fungus at Work