Are the Innocent Guilty Until Proven Otherwise?

With the maiden speech of Pauline Hanson before the Senate, war has been declared by the One Nation party against Australians. Such ignorance and bigotry should not be so freely given a voice, let alone not be exposed for the empty lies that it is. This vocal minority of the far-right must not be allowed to feel strong, as if they are the voice for the “silent majority.” Are Australians really so ignorant? I hope not! But even if that is the case, at least if those who don’t know better could accept that, and be willing to learn better for themselves, there would be hope for a better day. If only people would not just accept the trash that is being dished up to them on platters by the mainstream media, then truth would win out over falsehood in the end.

Pauline Hanson

Mother of “Patriots”

It is a grief to see somebody who years ago rang out the cry, “We’re going to be swamped by Asians,” now saying, “We’re going to swamped by Muslims,’ calling for an end to immigration from Muslim countries, even from those who genuinely are seeking asylum in our beautiful country from their homelands which have been devastated by our misled governments (or at worst, those who knowingly promote hatred and fear for the sake of filthy lucre and power!) Is it not the least we can do to care for those whose lives have been devastated by the wicked decisions of those under the spell of Zionists and other war-mongers? Many of them would desire nothing less than to return and rebuild their lives in their beloved homelands. We have the best of everything, and certainly have what it takes to give aid to them to live and even to return to rebuild the ruins of their once peaceful lives.

Calling for an end to construction of new mosques is opposed to everything of what our supposedly free society promotes as far as freedom of religion. To call for monitoring of all teachings is a great imposition, as if people were speaking anything wrong. Do we live in a system of Inquisition in which the innocent are guilty until they can prove themselves to be otherwise? I thought it was the other way around! What about churches? What about corporate offices? Where is the line to be drawn in supposed protection of the safety of society?

Her accusations about misuse of welfare, and even polygamy, are unfounded, unsupported by any facts. But somehow she is free to say such garbage without anyone to refute it. Yes, there are troubles in our society. Yes, there are those who abuse our current system. But to isolate one group – whether based on ethnicity, religion, gender, age, or any other categorisation, and then generalise irrational and bigoted statements against them is not something that should be freely expressed, especially by one who supposedly has been elected to represent the interests of all Australian people.

Anyway, I just felt that something needed to be expressed. My grief is deep to hear that such things are being spoken, and even that a portion of our population could unwittingly or otherwise be lending support to the expression of such ideas. If heeded, her ideas will only lead to devastation not just for Muslims in Australia, but for all Australians in the end. Let it be that Australian would be an enlightened nation, where understanding and mutual respect would be promoted. In such a climate, much benefit could be gained through learning. Ultimately, only benefit could be reaped from giving consideration to something other than this merely secular materialistic order that we are currently living under. There is more to life than survival and money, and this is what all genuinely universalist religions teach. Such philosophy needs to be encouraged and propagated, and freedom of its expression must be preserved for the good of our nation, and of humanity.

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