Are the Innocent Guilty Until Proven Otherwise? – Part Two

Yesterday I wrote straight from my heart about the maiden speech of Pauline Hanson, but I left out something that is of vital importance for our people to understand about the current situation. It is a very grievous matter what I read the other day of what is happening in Europe. There is a great plot afoot to divide people against one another, and to set in motion forces that would inevitably lead to civil war and devastation, all in the name of a crusade against Islam.


                                                                       France Set to Follow Israel’s Lead

You can see the beginning of this effort through what is happening in France. The far-right are threatening to take power and bring about the fulness of their hearts’ plans. They are being inspired by the most wicked of the Right on this planet, the Zionist regime who has pursued a policy of genocide against the indigenous inhabitants of the Land, the Palestinians. The media has continually stirred up hatred, feeding the public with misinformation, deceit and lies.

In the most outrageous way, Israel has offered support to France in the matter of what has been labelled “counter-terrorism.” The French military has consulted with its Israeli counterparts for advice on how to “re-conquer the sensitive urban zones.” The plans are already written. It was designed with the help of the specialists for the Israeli army. They went to see the specialists from the Israeli army and they advised the French military to take the same approach towards Muslims as they did in Gaza.

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Now if this is not time to wake up, I don’t know what is. The pathetic tirades of Pauline Hanson may be so easy to see through, but there are inhabitants of this land who would take the words of the “mother of patriotism” as gospel, and not have any fear about acting upon her ideas. We have already seen the actions of the supposed “Party for Freedom” to dress up as Muslims and invade churches that have given support to refugees. This is just a light beginning.


                                                    Thin End of the Wedge for Far-Right Terrorism

If such a policy would be followed as is being spoken by Pauline Hanson, the doors would be wide open for worse action to be taken, which would not just affect Muslims, but ultimately every genuinely humanitarian citizen of Australia. The far-right have no humanity, but only care for the survival of their own kind, irrespective of the morality or means they use to this end.

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