December 17, 2015

About the Australian Freedom Party

As the founder of the Freedom Party of Australia, I, Steven Pidgeon, would like to share some of my vision for establishing our new Movement.

I believe that an essential aspect of achieving our Nation’s destiny is to fight for our freedom as an Independent Sovereign State in its own right, independent from the British Crown. Following on from this, and in many ways of much greater importance, our Movement will be committed to the cause of establishing national economic autonomy. Our Nation has been blessed with an amazing land, with such great potential and resources, but we must take a stand once and for all against the forces of multinational financial control. 

As an Australian, I believe that we must work together to promote a genuinely fresh, Australian world-view in our midst. We are a nation of immigrants, regardless of whether we ourselves came to our shores from elsewhere, or if our family has been settled on this continent for several generations (such as myself). Together, we must assert ourselves in the unique role that Australia will play in the greater Oceania and Australasian Region. Australia has grown to be far more than merely an English colony, held captive by an Anglo-centric perspective. From this place of genuine independence, our Nation will stand together with those who seek for this same genuine justice.

I am a Revolutionary, in the sense that I seek to establish a whole new paradigm – politically, socially, and economically. I wish to spearhead revolutionary change to our nation’s economic system, removing our nation from its participation in the world-wide debt-based currency that currently holds all nations hostage to the international Money powers. Our social system needs to be based on empathy, expressing care towards our citizens and to those who would seek asylum within our borders. Ultimately, our Nation’s political system requires a reformation by which first and foremost, our Nation will be governed by absolute authority, coupled with absolute responsibility. This authority will rest upon the shoulders of the Head of State (the Chief Citizen), who will make decisions in council with well-informed individuals whose minds are guided by empathetic hearts. (Now I may sound like an idealist, but that’s because I am.)

Yes, I am Radical, but not in the sense of seeking to be “extreme” as opposed to being moderate, but I believe that what is needed is not merely another political party, and more politicians, but a genuine Movement which seeks to address the fundamental roots of society’s problems.

To be truly Nationally-minded is the furthest thing from divisive. Under the banner of the Southern Cross, an authentic Australian revolutionary symbol, I seek those who wish to stand for a unified Australia, a land where nobility is the goal regardless of where you have come from.

Steven Pidgeon

Leader of the Freedom Party of Australia


7 thoughts on “About the Australian Freedom Party

  • Hey Steven, I just love the way you have put the introduction together aye, straight forward and no b.s, which is what I like aye.

  • Some beaut ideas here. The general direction seems to be nationalist and left-wing (broadly) which is a logical combination for egalitarian Australia.

    A thought on nationality and identity for you.. maybe the different peoples living in Oz are actually separate nations, sharing country and a state apparatus which (mis)governs us all. A lot of the division in society now is about identity – and LibLab still adheres to the idea that we’re all ‘Australian’.

    But becoming Australian (or Japanese, or Argentine or …) is not just about being in the country and saying we agree with whatever groupthink is motivating the elite on any given day.

    Nationality is not about a proposition. It is not about being part of a shared economy. It is not even specifically racial.

    Nationality is shared genetics, history, culture, a homeland and – importantly – a sense of separate identity.

    By this definition, indigenous Australians could rightly claim to be a separate nation to white Australians. Likewise, Chinese Australians and other groups who have retained their own cultures and identities across many generations may like living IN Australia, but prefer not to be regarded as OF Australia in the same way that those of us descended from convicts are.

    There are many precedents for different nations living more-or-less harmoniously under a single state structure. The UK is one example, where the English, Welsh, Scots and Ulster nationalities all live under the one state.

    As long as the state provides some autonomy for each national group but doesn’t favour or discriminate against any of them – as happened in South Africa and happens today in Zimbabwe – this could provide a truly revolutionary model for dealing with the thorny question of national identity. A question which is already shaping politics in the 21st century and will do so even more in years to come.


  • Great values for your party but recommend a clause in your defence policies in the event of a large scale conflict to the north of Australia or ark of instability in south east Asia or full scale war with china to allow the deployment of us troops to Australia for anzus treaty reasons and one thing more will firearms ownership be extended to Australian citizens with a criminal record . might vote for ya party mate form a partnership or coalition with one nation just can’t vote for libbs or labour to many left leaning policies selling out Australia.

    • @Jacob – As far as my policy on mandatory military service, this is not so much a “defense policy” per se, as far as when it talks about those serving those two years not being deployed internationally. Obviously those who progress beyond this initial training will be completely capable of being deployed in the eventual necessity for our national defense.

      To be honest, I would like to review the whole ANZUS Treaty, as I am not particularly fond of the idea of our defense policy being so closely tied to the United States in particular. Ultimately, I would prefer US presence to be removed from our region, and I’d prefer for our nation to be free to decide what wars we are bound to be involved in – especially if you consider that the United States themselves seem to be often serving extra-national interests in the wars they have recently been fighting…

      Definitely with mandatory firearms training and ownership, we are not talking about those with a criminal record. It would be well worth considering even how criminal offences like that could definitely limit someone’s “citizen’s rights” (or duties, as the case may be) and I do have a whole category of “subject of the State” which probably those with serious criminal offences could easily fall into.

      I have been looking at One Nation and other similar parties, as far as their platforms. We definitely have certain similarities as far as our nationalist perspective, especially with relation to economics and wanting to protect our nation from foreign ownership. Ultimately my Party and all these other parties are there seeking to provide a workable alternative for those who are disillusioned with the reality that both of our major parties have sold out to corporate and globalist interests, and aren’t really looking out for the best interests of the Australian people.

      Thanks for your comments, and definitely keep in touch. Also you could look us up on Facebook, as I have a page and a group active on there.

      In your service,
      Steven Pidgeon (Leader of the Freedom Party of Australia)

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