Let’s See this Movement Go Forward!

To all my friends and supporters, any support for our cause to go forward will be gratefully received, and due honour and recognition will be given. I vow to use all funds received for the Party and everything that I use them for will be made known to those who donate and to all of Read more about Let’s See this Movement Go Forward![…]

Neoliberalism – Destruction of our Nation

For anybody with eyes to see and ears to hear (provided that they’re not being “educated” by the privately-financed mainstream media drip-feeders), it is obvious that our current government (irrespective of which major political party holds power) has sold out and has been zombified by the globalist, neoliberal neurotoxin (see the Parable of the Zombie Read more about Neoliberalism – Destruction of our Nation[…]

No More Manipulation and Lies

No matter what facet of our current society and paradigm that we look into, it seems that every aspect has been hacked, hi-jacked and messed with in such a way as to bring the greatest benefit to the current neoliberal world order, and to continue the enslavement of our individual lives for the service of Read more about No More Manipulation and Lies[…]